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  • Crowd funding involves thinking outside the square. It involves thinking about what activities, projects or events you need to fund. You need to consider the rewards that you want to offer, and you have to put it together in a format that will stand out and be eye catching. An area to which crowd funding […]

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  • Crowd funding is all about preparation. Regardless of the efforts during a campaign, unless you have the necessary preparation in place, the hardest of work during a campaign can all mount to little. Like the army who amasses, trains, and focuses, crowd funding is more about what you do before your campaign begins rather than […]

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  • In our travels, we often find terrific community programs that have been halted, primarily for the common reason of lack of funds. Despite passion and the greatest of intentions, community programs often don’t have the legs (financially) to see through the work they were set up to do. Crowd funding, if properly embraced, now gives […]

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  • Over the years we have seen some emerging giants in crowd funding platforms. But the success of a crowd funding campaign not necessarily linked to the size of the platform. It is about the ease by which the project creator can engage with the crowd. Some projects on larger sites are lost in the noise […]

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  • Given that the origins of crowd funding commenced in the artistic arena, it seems logical to write a piece to discuss the practical applications of crowd funding in this field. It was back in 1997 when English rock band, Marillion, first engaged fans and followers to fund their initiative (in this case, it was their […]

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  • Never has there been a better alignment between the requirements of community groups and the potential solution offered by crowd funding. Sporting clubs, as a great example of a particular type of community group, constantly have two aspects that make them perfect for crowd funding – a never ending stream of “need” for which they […]

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  • Tradition has been thrown out the door. Innovators used to have to build products and prototypes to take to the world. The old adage of “build it and they will come” is no longer supported by new world reality, calling for lean principles from the outset, and to engage with the market early, even before […]

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  • The recent spate of cooking shows on TV has us all gastronomically aware with our senses heightened to all things culinary. Everyone now strives to be a master chef, with even the time-poor among us seeking to eat better and more nutritiously. Overlay this with the amount of chefs, both proven and aspiring, that are […]

  • Capital raising, whether it is by way of equity or by pledge, all starts with a great business or concept. Built it and they will come – as long as “it” is attractive, functional, and relevant. From that, the journey of where you have come from and where you plan to go needs to be […]

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  • For anyone who has ever run an event of any description, they would understand the nervousness of underwriting ticket sales, hoping that the revenue generated would cover the cost of holding the event, and perhaps even make a small return. Costs can be quite considerable – venue hire, staffing cost, transaction expenses, the cost of […]

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  • School is back in, and now the realisation returns that many schools are in need of more sporting equipment, shade for lunchtime seating, props and scenery for the school play, funding to sending students to participate or compete in an event, and the cash to afford the things to supplement the teaching of the 3 […]

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  • It is well documented that most New Year’s resolutions never come to fruition. A high percentage of the best of intentions dissolve by the end of January, and seldom do any make it all the way through the 12 months. The key reasons for New Year’s resolutions not coming to light are a lack of […]

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  • The modern age of crowd funding began in the 1990s with UK rock group, Marillion, so we start this year with that theme. Crowd funding has been the domain of the creative and artistic types who have been successfully using the medium to fund their dreams. But what is it they can fund? And what […]

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  • 21% of all crowd funding campaigns don’t raise a single cent. Many of them are great concepts, and some even well articulated. But even the best ideas get no traction if the strategy behind the crowd funding campaign is not well thought out, planned and implemented. And of those that do get momentum, the average […]

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  • The success of crowd funding campaigns is largely down to some key factors. Firstly an engaged crowd, a group of supporters who are passionate about the outcome or want the rewards on offer, and who are motivated enough to spread the word. Then there are the rewards themselves – cool, sought after and representing good […]

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  • Preparation is the key to successful crowd funding, whether employing the pledge model or capital raising through equity crowd funding. Many experts can quickly assess whether the campaign will reach its goal, just by looking at the campaign and asking the project creator a few simple questions. In most cases, success is determined not by […]

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  • The importance of the Third Tier Principle has long been stressed as the basis on which any crowd funding or capital raising must be based. It is essentially the key to success, with early engagement being the start of broader attention and support. It’s like when we were kids standing on the side of the […]

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  • Crowd Funding is a rapidly emerging form of e-commerce, leveraging off the growth of the internet and social media. According to Gartner Research, $1.2 billion was raised by Crowd funding sites in 2009, and is expected to grow to over $6 billion by 2013. In these tough economic times, Crowd Funding continues to buck the […]

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  • Before you start your crowd funding campaign, it is essential to define your target market. Not for your product or service, but to work out who represents the pool of potential supporters who might assist you with your fund raising. Prior to going live with your campaign, you should make a comprehensive list of potential […]

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  • Mention the word “Entrepreneur” and people immediately think of words like profit, performance, return and dividend. But when it comes to social entrepreneurship, we move into new ground, that of broader cultural, social, and environmental outcomes. Profit may still be associated with such ventures, but profit is a mechanism to sustainability rather than the main […]

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  • The pages of the worldwide web abound with testimonies of successful crowd funding, of projects requiring a few hundred dollars to many thousands and even millions of dollars to become commercial reality. Creative artists, charitable organisations, and community groups have all benefited, but grass roots commercial success has been achieved through crowd funding in what […]

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  • There has been a lot of noise in the press lately about the government tightening its purse-strings and the effect on public health care as the current fiscal policy contracts. The gap between the amounts that doctors and hospitals charge and the amount that the government will cover is big and getting bigger, with moves […]

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  • Business 101 dictates that for any form of financial success, one must firstly identify their target market, and then understand the motivators to get the market to part with their money for the product or service generated by the business. The same can be said for those who run a crowd funding campaign, whether it […]

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  • There is only one thing worse than inaction, and that is setting a promise, creating expectation and hope, and then failing to deliver. Add to that the act of removing alternative courses of action for the audience to whom you have made the promise, and it is an example of how to totally disenfranchise the […]

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  • Schools are constantly in need of funding to provide the best facilities and experiences for their students. Whether it is sporting equipment, shade for lunchtime seating, props and scenery for the school play, sending students to participate or compete in an event, or any of the many projects schools constantly have in process, there is […]

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  • A recent article in CrowdFundBeat by Paul Niederer of ASSOB took a look of what crowd funding might be like by 2020, both from an investment and pledge-model perspective. As with any good futurist’s work, the projections don’t say how it will be for sure, but raise some discussion points around how, from a church […]

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  • There is some wonderful work being done in our community, with not for profit organisations providing No Interest Loan Schemes (NILS) to those that struggle at times to make ends meet. Such programs provide solutions to those in need, at the same time allowing recipients of NILS grants to maintain dignity and integrity. Many such […]

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  • By virtue of the fact that governments exist to protect their own, investment in high risk start ups often comes from foreign shores, where investors are not protected by the laws of the land from which the innovation originates. Whilst the government protects the retail investor, the entrepreneur and the local economy in general dies […]

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  • The growth of crowd funding has attracted many, keen to jump in and make a quick buck. They see the attraction of the mega-bucks being raised by the industry as an allure to make some easy money. Sadly for many, the unexpected costs of set up and operation all get too much, and we see […]

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  • Whilst there have been some great successes in the world of crowd funding, the pledge model works best for those seeking up to $30,000. This is wonderful to kick start an idea, but in many cases this isn’t enough to allow the dream to fully blossom. Pledge model crowd funding provides the starting rungs on […]

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  • As the equity crowd funding fraternity prepares to enter the starting blocks or (at best) begins emerging from them, there is one organisation which has years of experience under its belt, and from whom the rest of the equity crowd funding world can learn. Some say the shortest distance between two points is a straight […]

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  • The start of a New Year. For many, this means new resolutions to lose weight or quit some vices that are no good for you. For many others, a new year heralds a brave new world, and the chance to chase new passions, or those that have been lingering for some time. Regardless of the […]

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  • Santa needs a new sled. And with less sleeps to Christmas than you have fingers or toes, he needs the help of the crowd to get into the Christmas spirit and support him in his initiatives. This year, Santa is turning to crowd funding to help deliver Christmas cheer around the world, and he has […]

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  • Many credit the development of equity crowd funding to beer. It wasn’t that some guys had consumed too much and came up with an alcohol-induced idea to raise funds in a way that had never been done before. It was the sale of shares in a beer company that caught the eye of the SEC […]

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  • Imagine you could create something, from the very beginning, limited only by your imagination, but with the benefit of the learnings from experts and their experience from around the world. You have full view of the mistakes that others have made in the past – the benefit of 20-20 hindsight before you put pen to […]

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  • With business start-ups or small business transformations, there is always a considerable amount of risk associated with taking the leap of faith with initial stocks or committing to an event which, if not presold or if sufficiently subscribed, can spell the death knell very early in the life of the idea. These types of speculative […]

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  • The figures are out, at least for Australia, but there is no evidence to the contrary that the rest of the world is any different. Currently, only 24% of start-ups seek external funding from any source. Of these, 57% are successful in securing the funds they request. This means just over 13% of start-ups are […]

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  • The GFC saw the tide go out for many economies globally, exposing not only those who had been swimming naked, but dangers that were not evident in more buoyant times. Budgets that had previously been stretched, covering exposed areas, now shrank and funding was channeled to more needed initiatives. Whilst some countries suffered a loss […]

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  • Crowd funding is work – teamwork. As with any great team, it is essential that the team understand each others’ role so that they do not miss any crucial activities that may impact on achieving the desired outcome. At the nucleus of the team are the project creator and the crowd funding platform itself. The […]

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  • For so many years, the Indy cars have had it right. Don’t sit on the grid waiting for the race to start and then madly accelerate – Start your engines early and get moving well before the race begins and get your momentum up, ready for when the green flag drops. There is an uncanny […]

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  • Transactions anywhere in the commercial world carry risk. People have to be savvy to the integrity of the vendor or provider at point of sale, as well as considering the ability to provide timely delivery. Then there are issues around warranties, both implied and stated, and the availability of these in case of non performance. […]

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  • Christmas is a time of great joy, celebration, and peaceful relaxation with family and friends. But also, for many, it is a time when those who have little feel most alone, and most in need. With a growing number of needy in our communities, those who deliver relief and assistance have their resources stretched, and […]

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  • In an age when all relationships have seemingly become transactional, social commentator Ian MacKenzie has rightly summed up the crowd funding landscape when he said that the currency of crowd funding is not cash, but relationships. In a traditional commercial transaction, goods and services are provided in exchange for payment, and then each of the […]

  • In April last year, President Obama lit the blue touch paper to start the process of getting investment crowd funding into law. With his signature came the first steps of what would bring about massive changes in the world’s largest economy. In fact, it was not only the $300bil that was estimated to jump start […]

  • Despite being the fastest growing form of e-commerce on the planet, Crowd funding is still largely a mystery to many. Much of the population has not heard of it, and many of those who have heard still remain unclear as to the mechanics of crowd funding. Logically, why would people pledge to fund the passions […]

  • Crowd funding is all about shifting power back to the masses, moving it from the traditional custodians. Until recently, the final say to the progress of many projects was in the hands of the “grey faced men” – bank managers, lawyers, government officials, and the like. But now, it is not necessarily the projects that […]

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  • With the immanent introduction of investment crowd funding in the USA, some question the future role that the traditional or pledge version of this form of e-commerce will have to play in the coming months. Whilst the risk profile of crowd fund investors is less than traditional investors, they still have a general aversion to […]

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  • Traditional methods of collecting for charities are getting tired. It is not due so much to the economic pressures people are subject to (although they are a contributor), but due to the traditional methods beating a well worn and dusty track. Charitable organisations are not resource rich, and with such a large market to tap, […]

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  • Currently, the international statistics for successfully executed crowd funding campaigns on “all or nothing” sites sits at around 45%. Should a funding campaign fall short of the target, the pledges merely dissolve, and the project creator is then left to ponder where they went wrong, and perhaps have another go with greater effort, better rewards, […]

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  • Last week, one project raised over $3mil in its first twenty four hours. This raises the question as to why some projects succeed, exceeding their targets by many multiples, while others don’t get off the ground. With 21% of projects not raising a single cent, the question must be asked as to the keys to […]

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