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Help fund a new ball machine

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A New Lobster


Help me raise money for a new ball machine to improve the technical abilities of my students

Please pledge to this project and help my kids improve their tennis skills. You don’t need to choose a reward to pledge money you can just pledge out of the goodness of your heart.

My name is Michael Parker and I run the AllChamps Tennis Academy in Woongoolba, Queensland.

I provide tennis lessons to approximately 100 kids but am short of resources to buy a new tennis ball machine and need your pledges. The previous ball machine was kindly loaned to me by one of the members but unfortunately is now unavailable for use.

Although every form of tennis practice has some limitations, arguably one of the most effective and efficient practice methods for the broadest level of tennis players is used far too seldom – ball machines! This is surprising when you consider that leading coaches in baseball, volleyball, soccer and cricket work with ball throwing devices all the time.

When practicing with a ball machine, it is also helpful to use highly visual training aids to assist players in locking in the visual pattern of the shots as well as the physical or kinaesthetic skills.   I have a number of up and coming young champions at the academy and all of them get a lot of joy out of using the ball machine which keeps them challenged and motivated whilst still keeping a fun element.

What I can offer in exchange for your pledge is my time.   I have structured a number of rewards (on the right) that you can choose from. You can pledge as little as $10 and in exchange I will include you in one of my new cardio tennis workout sessions which I am commencing in February 2012, valued at $15 a lesson. (see video above).   Pledge between $30 and $50 and I will provide you with a private lesson.

Remember, your pledge is only taken from your PayPal account if my project is successful.

Thanks for your support.


** Note – this successful campaign was ported over from iPledg 2.0. Whilst there were a large number of backers who assisted the campaign in reaching its target, their number and details are not shown here

Enter Pledge Amount

  • pledge $10

    Unlimited backers

    Pledge $10 and over and receive a free cardio tennis workout valued at $15

  • pledge $20

    Unlimited backers

    Pledge $20 and over and receive two free cardio tennis workouts valued at $30

  • pledge $30

    Unlimited backers

    Pledge $30 and over and receive a 45 min. private lesson.

  • pledge $30

    Unlimited backers

    Pledge $30 and over and receive 3 free cardio tennis workouts valued at $45

  • pledge $50

    Unlimited backers

    Pledge $50 and over and receive a 90 min. private lesson.


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