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Providing health care to local communities in the slums of Phnom Penh.

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Cambodia Health Promotion- Newcastle University Nursing Students!

12 Bachelor of Nursing students from the University of Newcastle are travelling to Phnom Penh, Cambodia in January 2014 and volunteering with Antipodeans Abroad. The following video is from the 2010 trip but will show you what its all about…

The students from Ourimbah, Callaghan and Port Macquarie campuses are:

• Kirsten Lawrence

• Natalie Payne

• Magdalena Green

• Rachel Newton

• Caryne Spicer

• Brittany Currie

• Danielle Thorne

• Denise Baldwin

• Nicole Douglas

• Brooke Trimble

• Lauren Ceaser

• Ellie Sargeant


All of these students are in varying stages of their nursing degrees and bring a wide range of life experiences and personalities to the volunteer experience.

Volunteering their time and resources to provide health care needs to people in need, the students hope to learn more about the health needs and implement appropriate education resources in schools to teach children about preventable diseases and managing the spread of disease.

For three weeks we will be volunteering in health clinics on the outskirts of Phnom Penh and are within walking distance from the crowded and dangerous slums our families live in.

We will be working in conjunction with NGO’s, such as People Improvement Organisation (PIO) and Riverkids. PIO has outreach centres at the city dumpsite and in the slum areas of Phnom Penh, while Riverkids works with children and families in danger of abuse and trafficking.

Money raised will be used to purchase essential medical supplies that will help us provide much needed health care to these communities. Resources to provide health education for preventable diseases for families and children will also be purchased.

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