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Shining a spotlight on Australian indie plus size labels

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Curvy Couture Roadshow

Curvy Couture Roadshow is the brainchild of Kate Millett, founder of Bombshell Vintage, Australia’s very own exclusively plus size vintage label. Following on from her creed of “Dress for your style, not your size”, Curvy Couture Roadshow is a one-day plus size fashion festival, showcasing amazing Australian indie designers that specialise in sizes 12 and up. Taking place at the amazing Deville’s Pad, Sunday 15th September will see a spectacular day of catwalks, a capsule market, a contortionist and so much more!

To bring this event to life, we need your help!


First, let us introduce you to some of the designers who will be winging their fancy way to Deville’s Pad September 15TH:



Designed and made in Melbourne, Harlow is a range of women’s clothing for sizes 14-24. A fashionable label that’s not afraid to take chances. Expect clothes that are fierce, funky and fun that channel rock ‘n’ roll but with a twist. Taking on the latest trends with its own signature….

Harlow’s clothing reflects its belief that fashion should be accessible to all women.

Check out their lookbook at



Fox Parse started as a joke about how to pronounce ‘Faux Pas’ and ended up as a little dressmaking business run out of the front room of an apartment. Jessica’s ridiculous love of comic books, Mod fashion and working deep into the night brought about the simple and bright dresses, while her yearning to wear school uniforms again nudged her towards making collars.

Fox Parse’s sewing room is one floor up and right on the main drag through an inner city suburb. The sewing machine chugs along to the rattling of trams and she is fuelled by really good coffee bought on sneaky trips outside to watch the fashionable young things cycle past. The city definitely pokes and prods her creativity, forcing Fox Parse to constantly reconsider what she wants to make. It’s pretty bloody good, actually!

Jessica loves talking about fashion and trends, even if she’s rubbish at following them but secretly she’s just waiting for someone to ask if she thinks Black Cat or Spiderwoman would wear Fox Parse dresses…

Check her out at



After a year of sourcing and selling plus size vintage clothes, Kate has decided to expand to include a stunning reproduction range. Based on the motto, All eyes on you: Bombshell Vintage contrasts striking colour with monochromatic detail to create a capsule wardrobe that will enrapture and capture attention! With dresses for the office, a night out or evening at the ball, Bombshell Vintage’s reproduction line aims to satiate your inner glamazon, making sure you look as awesome on the outside as you feel on the inside.

Check it out at


We will use this funding to pay for advertising, venue costs, a little bit of extra entertainment, oh and bringing these amazing clothes to you!

  • There will also be a capsule market so you can try on the latest fashions – the internet has never had such an amazing fitting room…
  • Get measured professionally while on site so you never have to guess about sizing again!
  • Check out our fancy photo booth to commemorate how fabulous you look in these rad clothes!
  • There will be competitions throughout the day for best hair, best dressed, etc, so come out dressed in your Sunday best!
  • There will be a popup nail art salon to make your talons look their fanciest!



Should we just reach tipping point; the event will still go ahead! We will have to reduce our advertising budget and not have any extra entertainment. It also means we won’t be able to bring the designers themselves across to Perth, but their clothes will still make it here. It will still be a fabulous day, but with a little less sparkle.


We are aiming to create a day of fun, frivolity and fantastic fashion just for you, so please, help out anyway you can. Have a look through the gallery to see our last event, where we celebrated Bombshell Vintage’s first birthday in Melbourne and in STYLE! You can see Fox Parse’s last collection and a selection of Bombshell Vintage.


Follow our progress at:


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