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Dynamic Conversations Training Video

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Thank you for supporting our very first Dynamic Conversations Training Video. I am very passionate and excited about this project – for many reasons. However, the main reasons I am making a training video is:

  • We need more leaders (this is a world wide concern according to my research); more leaders who have advanced interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence. Leaders who are able to navigate their way through this changing world we live in, and motivate others to perform at their best. Our videos will focus on developing those leadership skills.
  • We learn best when we’re emotionally engaged. Laughter produces happy hormones and will enduce a peak learning state. Our videos will educate, entertain and inspire.
  • We are all busy and it is difficult to take extended time away from the workplace to attend training courses. Often the people that need the training the most (small-business owners and managers) miss out because of their busy schedule. Our videos will be on-line and available 24/7.
  • Employment. Cairns and Australia has so many talented creative people who are totally under-utlised. I believe we are in a very good position to build a business that sells high-level leadership resources to the world – thus improving our economy and employment prospects.

So, What will you get for your money?  I am going to work with a professional film crew to develop a short video that takes a little slice of action from a make believe workplace (although you may recognise the location we film on). To complement and make sense of the video, you will receive a number of support materials including videos of me presenting, worksheets and fun mini assessments to complete on your own or with your team. Think of it like watching ‘The Office’ or ‘Faulty towers’ with a business coach sharing their insights along the way.


All up the material will take approx 30 minutes to complete.

I believe in this project and I thank you sincerely for believing in it too. I am convinced this business will be employing a lot of people in the future – so I thank you on their behalf as well.

Our website is currently  being updated but you are welcome to visit at 

Warm regards

Carol Hautot


Dynamic Conversations  0421 706068


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    Open Contribution - If you would like to contribute to the project but are not requiring any rewards we thank you. We will keep you informed of our progress and send you regular updates.

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    Complete Coaching Package - Receive the new training video and plenty of training resources to support the video. The video will focus on a leadership principle and will be relevant to you if you work alone or with a team.

  • pledge $750

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    Team Training Session with Carol & Training Video - Invite Carol to come in to your business and spend 2 hours delivering a powerful training session for you and your team. Carol has spent 25 years as a professional workplace trainer and assessor and has developed her own unique training sessions that will transform your team.

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    Official Sponsor - Come on board as our official Video Sponsor and see your business name logo and slogan at the end of the video and a paid advertisement strategically placed on the landing page. Be associated with this ground-breaking innovative company right from the beginning. You will also receive 2 hours of staff training or 2 hours leadership coaching - plus a hard copy of the professionally produced training video.

  • pledge $1,500

    Unlimited backers

    Official Video Sponsor - Be the official sponsor for the first video. See your logo and promotional message at the end of the video, and a paid advertisement attached to the landing page. Also receive a 2 hour team training session, or a 2 hour coaching session. Plus get a hard copy of the first training video made by our production crew. A wonderful opportunity to get involved at the ground level with a unique and innovative company.


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