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Help Barry Get Treatment

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Help Barry


1st Stage – $2000 gets us started but Our goal is to reach $7000 for a Genostics test

2nd Stage – Our ideal is to reach $20 000 which will allow us to get to Germany for Barry to receive the best possible treatment with Dr Ursula Jacob Dr Ursula with the results from the Genostics test can customize Barry’s treatment and give him the best possible chance.

One of the supportive therapies they are offering Barry is Hyperthermia.


9 years ago Baz received conventional treatment for Leukemia – Chemo, Radiation and a Stem Cell Transplant. He now has a showing of Leukemic cells in his spinal fluid and these cells have formed a tumor on his spinal cord.

We would like the option of customising his treatment to reduce the “toxic load” from conventional therapies. Science has brought us into the age of ‘Personalised Medicine’ and since his original treatment there have been a number of advances in Cancer treatments. The Genostics test would provide us with valuable knowledge and give us the ability to know what treatments will work best for Baz. This test is not available through the medicare system and will cost $7000.

The Genostics test provides an individual analysis of a person’s cancer and produces an individual profile of therapeutic choices among other things.   Through ipledg as a platform we hope that more people will learn of Genostics & Dr Ursula Jacob and the opportunity they provide.

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On the Update tab we will keep you posted on our progress and how Baz is doing.  Check out the UPDATE tab to hear from Baz right now.

More on Genostics:

The tests have very high sensitivity and specificity, and provide Health Practitioners with the genetic analysis of an individual cancer patient’s specific malignancy, and access to a wealth of clinical knowledge that can be used to: evaluate tumour progression; predict long term prognosis; identify patients who are likely to respond to treatment of curative intent; assess the likelihood of recurrence and effectively monitor.

Until recently, it has been impossible to predict how two people with the same type of cancer will respond to treatment. Through the analysis of Circulating Tumour Cells (CTCs) in a simple blood test, it is now possible to provide Health Practitioners with information to help overcome this challenge. The analysis of CTCs provided by the Genostics tests can assist with predicting how a person’s cancer will respond to chemotherapy agents, monoclonal antibodies, hormones and more than 50 botanicals & nutrients; giving Health Practitioners a clearer understanding of the nature of the cancer, which in turn may influence decisions about designing a targeted therapy tailored to their patient’s individual cancer properties.                                                                                        Or feel free to contact Jen 02 84111 474

More on Dr Ursula Jacobs Clinic:

Our private clinic offers the most advanced medical therapies in the areas of biological cancer therapy, neurology, internal medicine, haematology, regenerative and preventive medicine, as well as chronic viral and immunological diseases. Whether conventional medicine or natural therapy, as integratively thinking and practicing doctors we utilize the most appropriate approach to suit your individual requirements. Rather than simply treating symptoms, we aim to provide a holistic therapy targeting the underlying causes. To achieve this, we work as conventionally as necessary and as naturally as possible. We have made it our aim, as well as providing the best possible diagnostic standards and most advanced individualized therapeutic methods, to do everything possible for the well-being and quality of life of our patients.

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    Motion Potion. A 3 day trial of Motion Potion! Motion Potion is a Naturopathically formulated fibre and nutrient rich powder drink. It contains beneficial fibres (both soluble and insoluble), cereal grasses, friendly bacteria and other nutrient dense foods. Motion Potion is a complete bowel food. Baz has used Motion Potion during radiation treatment and found it works wonders

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    100g Motion Potion. 100g tub of Motion Potion

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    Omega. Full size 3.6.9 Omega from

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    2 hr pamper. A luxury 2hr pampering session at EVOHE In Health, Hair & Beauty on the Gold Coast 07 55 763 666


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