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The Canine Entrepreneur

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Help Bring Lulu Home


It’s time for Lulu to come home

My name is Lauren Rielly and this is my dog Lulu. Two years ago, Lulu and I set off to California to join a startup in Silicon Valley. A little thing called chaos was thrust upon us and now she is still living in San Francisco while I’ve resettled here in Melbourne.

It has taken time, but I am ready and I need help to bring Lulu home!


The Crowdfund

Repatriating Lulu will cost $3,500 and the transportation expense is the tipping point for the campaign to be successful.

In addition, I am allocating $1,000 to building a new website for my ‘American foster mom’, Veronica Shea, for her pet grooming and transport business. This will attract more customers to her and automate the booking and billing process. Veronica has cared for Lulu for two years with unconditional support to me and helping her grow her business is my way of saying thank you.

All additional funds beyond the target will be donated to Second Chance Animal Rescue who organise foster carers and volunteers to rescue and re-home dogs and cats that need a second chance.


Please help bring Lulu home by making a pledge or simply spreading the word!

Live Updates

My ‘Australian mum’ organised me a ticket to SF this August where I get to spend time with Lulu for the first time in two years! I am determined to find a way to bring her back with me, which is what inspired this crowdfund. I will be sharing daily updates on Lulu’s antics and learnings which you can follow on her web or facebook page.

Lulu’s Blog:

Lulu’s Facebook Page:

The Rewards

The biggest reward Lulu can give is to share her journey and learnings.

“17 Lessons from a Canine Entrepreneur: A Dog’s Tale from Australia to Silicon Valley” is Lulu’s first book and a digital copy will be given to silver, gold and platinum supporters.

Gold supporters will have the opportunity to spend a day with Lulu (provided you are in the same city and country) and hear the stories in person, as well as those which can’t be put in writing!

Platinum supporters have the opportunity to become a permanent part of Lulu’s story through the sponsorship of a chapter in her first book. This is limited to 17 chapters.


Thank you so much



About Lulu

Lulu, the canine entrepreneur, has had a rather eventful life. She has lived in Melbourne, Sydney, on a farm in central Victoria, has traveled through Queensland and now resides in San Francisco, California.

Lulu values happiness, opportunities and courage and has been an office manager, assistant lecturer in Entrepreneurship, hostess, avid swimmer, opportunity identifier and problem solver, sheep herder, fresh egg collector, social network developer, entertainer and unofficial Australian Ambassador.

Here’s a short video of how she’d help out on the farm each morning:


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    Bronze Reward - Receive a personal thank you from Lulu online!

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    Silver Reward - Receive a copy of Lulu's first eBook "17 Lessons from a Canine Entrepreneur: A dog's tale from Australia to Silicon Valley", plus a personal thank you from Lulu online.

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    Gold Reward - Spend a day with Lulu and hear her stories in person. You never know what opportunities she may trigger for you... Also receive a copy of her new eBook as well as a personal thank you.

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    Platinum Reward - Sponsored chapter in Lulu's book "17 Lessons from a Canine Entrepreneur: A dog's tale from Australia to Silicon Valley". Available to the first 17 Platinum pledges. Of course you receive all the other rewards as well!


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