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Help Me See My Kids

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Help Me See My Kids

Disclaimer: Some things in this text and video may be upsetting to some as it touches upon the area of domestic emotional abuse.

Hi my name is Steve.

June this year I found my partner and mother of my two children, aged 4 and 2, was cheating on me. Once discovered she packed up and left.

Since then I have had the house I live in damaged – for example slashed, flyscreens, windows kicked in, and a brick thrown through my lounge room window.

I have had my phone smashed while I was in hospital when the police gave her my keys to collect her personal belongings without supervision. My car has been egged, tyres slashed, scratched from front to back and acid thrown all over it.

As you can see I am awaiting another round of surgery. I was run off the road by her brother and this flared up an old injury.

At the end of this video I will put up a copy of an email sent to me by my Ex so you can see the type of person she has become.

Also through what I believe is a family or friend connection with 1 or 2 police officers, I have been harassed on almost, a daily basis.

I have been locked up 3 times and not charged once.

My home has been raided and again I was not charged.

I have had a restraining order put against me to stop me seeing my children. The reason for this order was that I put up this image and video of myself on my Facebook page.

Please can anyone explain to me, how a photo and a video of myself, posted on my Facebook wall, pretending to striptease, in a 20-year old novelty police outfit, in front of a friend is deemed threatening and violent to a person that has been blocked from my Facebook?

Yes I am a big guy and I am a 5th dan Black belt in Shotokan; I am a registered weapon with police. For me to use violence against another is not just considered assault but use of a deadly weapon. In the 6 years we were together I have never laid a hand on her or the children. There are no police reports, there are no doctors reports. My training teaches restrain and discipline and to only use my skills in the ring or for defence only.

Due to my injury I am unable to work and am on the disability pension. I have put everything up for sale that I possibly can to raise money to try and fight this harassment legally but, more importantly, I just want to have the right to see my children.

And this is what I am asking help from you for; I need to raise money to pay a lawyer to help me. Unfortunately I get too emotional when it comes to my children and cannot think straight to say the right things to the police or judges and need a lawyer to do this for me. Please help me see my children again by pledging anything you can.

Contrary to common beliefs, up to One in Three victims of sexual assault and at least One in Three victims of family violence and abuse is male.

iPledg is an all or nothing crowdfunding platform. That means if we do not reach our target we get nothing and nothing is taken from your PayPal account or credit card.  If you cannot support this project financially you can still help by spreading the word using the share button and spreading the word to your friends. Thank You.

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