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Help Rebuild a Few Homes in Fiji

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Help Rebuild a Few Homes in Fiji

You have probably seen on the news about the devastation in Fiji from Cyclone Winston; the damage bill is up to $650 million.  During the last few weeks we have seen many of our friends without homes, power and with limited access to supplies.  Electricity has been restored to some areas; however, a lot of the country is still without power and clean water.  Here are some other facts:

  • 350,000 people, or 40 per cent of the population have been affected
  • 54,000 people remain sheltered in 960 evacuation centres
  • On some islands, 100 per cent of buildings were destroyed
  • the agricultural sector losses total up to $56 million

Schools in the east of Viti Levu will be closed for some months before they are rebuilt.  The government is helping a lot of the families that have been affected by cyclone Winston however this help is slow in coming and they need immediate help to put rooves over their heads.

Originally from Queensland, our family (Alicia and Dallas Dunn) has a small watersports business, Sunny Watersports, in Fiji on the Coral Coast at Natadola Fiji.  You can also check out our Facebook page to show we are for real.

Most of the homes were corrugated iron on wooden frames which were torn apart in the cyclone.  Our goal is to replace these homes for those affected by the natural disaster.  We are here on the ground to make this happen with your help.

Materials cost per home around $2500; the more you give the more homes we can build.  We are already helping a few families in the local area.  You are also welcome to join us in Fiji to help the local Fijians recover from the cyclone.

If you are concerned about giving money to an overseas project, please download the Permit for Public Collection that we received by the Ministry of Fiji indicating that the funds will be utilised for buying building materials and other supplies to be donated to the victims of Tropical Cyclone Winston.

Here are some other facts you may not know:

  • 250,000 people need water and sanitation assistance
  • 24,000 homes damaged or destroyed
  • 167 islands affected and inability to communicate via phone and also hard to access, no power.

This has been a remarkable and harrowing experience for us.  The Fiji people are amazing in their faith and strength despite the devastation surrounding them.

As iPledg is an all-or-nothing campaign, it is important that we meet our goal so that we can help the families here in Fiji.  Any money above the $2500 goal will go towards building a home for another family.

Thank you for joining us in helping at least one Fijian family to have a home again. The more you give, the more homes can be built.

(Note:  iPledg has agreed to waive its fees to support this campaign.  We thank them in advance for their contribution.)

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    SPONSOR A HOME: Do you or your company want to sponsor a home? By doing this we will ensure that your details are shared with the new homeowner, we will take a photo of the house you sponsored with a picture of the homeowners and we will give you as much publicity as possible here in Fiji and Australia (unless you suggest otherwise). If you choose to visit Fiji, we will organise you to meet the family. We are happy to speak with you prior to the pledge being processed.


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