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‘Inundated’ – To be overwhelmed with things and people to deal with.

“Inundated” – to be overwhelmed with things and people to deal with. (Working Title)

We’re wanting to make a Drama/Comedy for our You Tube Channel and possibly TV.

It’s about two uni students forced into the harsh realities of being adults, using unorthodox methods to avoid actual work.

And we need your help to make our dream a reality!


There will be five, twenty-minute episodes, comprising all the trials and tribulations of your early twenties, finding you’re identity and creative ways of generating money.

I’m a Queensland based actor/director who is tired of unoriginal content, and sees an opportunity in the market for a show targeted at adolescents. It will allow local broadcasters to capture the younger audience which they have previously lost.


I’m 22 years old and in my third year of a university degree, a unique age where I’m realising what the future may hold and not liking it one bit! I’m passionate about this show and what effect it can have on my age group, and I want people of all ages to watch this show, to relate in all the ways they shouldn’t be. To laugh out loud at the insanely stupid ideas ‘Mason’ and ‘Sebastian’ come up with, to escape working 9 till 5. And to find humour in their suffering and pain of facing reality and growing up.

I truly believe that all of life’s questions are answered in film, so let us answer them in the most ridiculous humorous way possible.


With experience in short film production and access to the equipment and resources we need, we’ve estimated that we still need about $200 per episode, so our goal is to raise over $1,000 over 60 days for the entire project.

We have offered some great rewards to those who pledge – your chance to really get involved, have some fun with us, and make this fun dream a reality. We hope that with your help, we will be able to bridge the funding gap that exists and then make the 5 episodes. Once made, we will be uploading them on our You Tube channel for the world to see. Better still, once they are in the public domain, we will pitch them to the local networks and hopefully pique their interest in taking our idea further, hopefully even as far as involving Screen QLD and having the episodes developed into a full series.

Even if we don’t get that far, enabling us to make the 5 pilot episodes will get our talent and our art onto You Tube, into the hands of our potential audience, and hopefully become the start of a complete web series on You Tube. We aim to have the first episode completed by the end of August, and then one episode “in the can” completed each month, with the whole 5 in the series completed by the end of 2015.

So, jump on board and pledge your support. Remember, iPledg is an all or nothing crowd funding platform. That means if we do not reach our target we get nothing and nothing is taken from your PayPal account or credit card. If you can not support this project financially you can still help by spreading the word using the share button and spreading the word to your friends.

Thank You in advance for sharing our passion and helping us achieve our dream.


Enter Pledge Amount

  • pledge $5

    Unlimited backers

    Video Thanks. Pledge $5 and we will send you a personalised video Thank You from creators of this project for your assistance in making this happen

  • pledge $25

    Unlimited backers

    Heart (and name) on our Sleeve. Pledge $25 and each month from September and for 5 months we will send you a DVD of each episode as it is produced, with your name on the DVD sleeve notes as contributors to our series

  • pledge $50

    Unlimited backers

    Associate Producer Pledge - Pledge $50 and you will be mentioned in the credits at the end of each episode as an associate producer

  • pledge $100

    10 of 12 remaining

    Private Screening - Pledge $100 and not only will you get all of the above rewards, you and a friend will be invited to a preview screening of our first 3 pilot episodes in a private and intimate cinema on the Gold Coast, with champagne and canapes included (this is slated for November, 2015). This reward is limited to the first 18 who pledge $100

  • pledge $200

    Unlimited backers

    Cameo Pledge - Pledge $200 and not only will you get all of the above rewards, you will be invited to appear in a cameo role in one of the pilot episodes (and if you’re really good, we’ll give you a couple of lines in the scene!)

  • pledge $500

    Unlimited backers

    Corporate Associate Producer – Pledge $500 and not only will we include your logo on our DVD sleeve and in the screen credits, we will include your product or service in one of the pilot eposides by way of carefully considered and prominent product placement


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