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Bringing 10 children from Fukushima Disaster Zone for a positive respite program in Australia

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Karuna Fukushima Project

On March 11th 2011, Japan was hit by an earthquake of magnitude 9 causing considerable damage, and the subsequent tsunami resulted in destruction of coastal areas. The tsunami resulted in a human death toll of over 19,000 and over a million buildings were destroyed or partly collapsed. The tsunami disabled the power supply and cooling of three Fukushima reactors, resulting in radioactive releases in the area.Though two years have passed, the recovery process is slow, and the survivors continue to deal with the physical and psychological aftermath. Families continue to live in temporary housing, and children in the area report being afraid of playing outdoors due to the risks associated with radiation exposure.The Karuna Foundation Children’s Fund is facilitaing this project to bring 10 children from the Fukushima disaster area for a visit to Australia, from July 29th to August 10th 2013. The kids are excitedly awaiting their trip to Australia next month! The project aim is to give these children respite from their current circumstances, in our clean air & environment giving them new positive experiences and renewed hope for their future.Please help us to make a difference. Any donations will be kindly appreciated. All donations greater than $2 are tax deductible (for Australian residents).

Please visit our website for further information at or the Facebook page

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    Bronze supporter - Thank you! Your kind donation will go towards the children receiving souvenirs and tokens of their experiences in Sydney and the Blue Mountains.

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    Silver supporter - Thank you! Congratulations, you have supported one child for a Sydney lunch outing.

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    Gold supporter - Thank you! Congratulations you have supported one child to visit the Opera House in Sydney or Jenolan Caves in the Blue Mountains.

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    Platinum supporter - Thank you! Congratulations, you have supported one child for an exciting Taronga Zoo day outing where they will have their very first experience of kangaroos & koalas.

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    Diamond supporter - Thank you! Congratulations, you have sponsored one of the children for their transport costs while in Sydney and Blue Mountains.

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    Super supporter - Thank you! Congratulations, you have covered the costs of catering and bedding for one of the children while they are at camp in Katoomba.

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    "You are really amazing" supporter!! - THANK YOU!! Congratulations, you have generously covered the cost of a return airfare between Japan and Sydney for one of the children. You will receive a special gift from Japan.


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