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We’re taking the battle with cancer to the top of the world!

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Pink Team Everest Adventure to save lives


We are determined to save lives so we’re taking the battle with cancer to the top of the world!And we are looking for your help to save endless lives being lost.

In support of the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) and other charities we are heading to the top of the World- thats right Mount Everest! A team of amazing people are heading to Nepal on the 19th October 2014 to start our two week hike to Base Camp and back. Why are we doing this? We all have a shared interest in accomplishing something amazing, we want to save and change lives. With most people now affected in one way or another through cancer we want to take action and need assistance to do that.


We all come from different backgrounds and have all been affected by cancer in some shape or form. In our group we have Belinda that has lost her mother to breast cancer at too young an age she would been alive today if she had been treated through earlier detection and treatment. We have Ana also joining us, a cancer survivor having had to deal with cancer over the last two years and just been given the all clear two months ago. The bottom line is nothing will stop us getting to the top of the world! In our line of work, our passion is to support women and men to succeed in their business, so we are giving people an opportunity to help support this great cause by also helping businesses and people gain great exposure for supporting us. The proceeds raised on iPledg will be given directly to the NBCF and other charities once all the admin costs are covered for this trek.  If we can raise this money, it would help us to get to the top of the world and continue to raise funds for these amazing charities.

We have all just about purchased our trekking gear, which so far has cost over $10,000 between us, as well as paying for our domestic flight from Kathmandu to Lulka to get us started. There are huge risks with this kind of trek, especially as a group but we are determined to make this happen to raise funds, awareness and exposure for everyone involved.

So what do we need? To get to Everest and back in one piece (we need to cover some of the cost for a local guide, porters permits and ground transportation, our return flights, and budget accommodation in the tea houses/ lodges along the way) this is going to cost us $2500 each ($15,000 total) and the closer we can get to this, the more we can put towards the charities we are supporting. Our tipping point is at $5000 but we really hope to raise the total amount to really be able to save lives. Be part of something amazing with us, this is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity.



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    Orange Reward - We will send you a thank you a personalised postcard from Nepal

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    Pink Reward - We will take a picture holding your name or company name as a thank you from the start of our Everest trek at Kathmandu and send it to you

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    Bronze Reward - We will send you a ticket to our Splash of Pink Charity Ball on the Gold Coast (or if you cant make it we will give you the Orange and Pink rewards and you will be one of the first to be sent the final video)

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    Silver Reward - We will print your business logo or name on a flag and it will come to EVEREST BASE CAMP- we will take a picture and send it to you

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    Gold Reward - We will take your brand or product to Everest Base Camp and we will send you a video/ pic taken by our videographer sponsor Elite HD Media who are climbing with us we will need your product with us by the 17th of October so send it soon!

  • pledge $2,500

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    Diamond Reward - We will take you to Nepal with us! * Return airfares and 3 nights accommodation in Kathmandu included*


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