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Kickstarting the lives of war-torn families in Sri Lanka

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Rice to Riches

The decades long civil war in Sri Lanka has ended and many vulnerable groups are struggling to rebuild their lives. War widows particularly, find it hard to put food on the table and provide education for their children..

In a paddy growing area, what makes sense for the women is to estalish a rice mill which earns them a daily income. They want to restart their lives through the dignity of their own hard work and initiative, not to be dependent on ongoing handouts from others.

The money will be used for building a rice mill, equipping it with machinery, training women to mill the paddy into rice and a steady income. The project has been carefully negotiated and costed. With your support, construction will commence by the end of October 2013.

  • Stage 1: Construction of rice mill building – $ 3,700
  • Stage 2: Purchase of rice mill and set up – $ 2,300
  • Stage 3: Purchase of additional milling equipment – $ 2,800
  • Stage 4: Operational grant, purchase rice paddy, wage subsidy for women for 6 months plus business training workshops  – $ 3,900
  • Stage 5: Product diversification into milling rice flour, chilli powder and spices – $2,300

We are a group of Sri Lankan volunteers along with our Aussie friends who want to do something constructive in war-affected parts of Sri Lanka.  Much healing and rebuilding is required and we seek to work in ways that support local initiative and not create dependency and relate to people there not as objects of need but part of our extended family.

Find out more about us, including our other projects by visiting

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    Little book of recipes - Receive an electronic copy of some delicious and authentic Sri Lankan recipes hand-picked and passed on by the women of Mannar

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    Completed rice mill photograph - An A4 photograph of the women workers and their newly established rice mill (includes project updates and recipe book)

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    Bronze Reward - A personalised heart-felt thank you video from the women of Mannar (includes project updates and recipe book)

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    Silver Reward - A Sri Lankan meal for four (4) delivered to your door. Your name will be published on the Diaspora Lanka website, plus listed as an official donor on a commemorative plaque at the Rice Mill (includes project updates and recipe book)

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    Gold Reward - Project Visit - An invitation to visit the women, the village and the rice mill project in Mannar, Sri Lanka, hosted by the director and staff of Diaspora Lanka (Note: does not include travel or accommodation costs; includes project updates, recipe book and photograph)

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    Platinum Reward - Dinner Date - A dinner date with Shanaka Fernando, founder of the famous Lentil as Anything chain of restaurants (includes project updates, recipe book and three A4 photos)


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