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Rivers of Gold

I enlisted into the Royal New Zealand Air Force at the tender age of 17. After almost 11 years (10 years, 10 months) and five tours of duty peace keeping in war torn countries I wanted to try something else…

I wound up in a sales position that enabled me to go from a $40,000 pa salaried income to earning over $250,000 pa in personal income, transacting and accumulating over $8,000,000 worth of property and businesses… yet unconsciously I still had MANY lessons to learn and began to self sabotage to the point where I declared bankruptcy at the age of 32 and began to piece my life back together day by day week by week.

I realized that it was not necessarily the millions that I was searching for but the freedom that which come from those millions. I began to experiment with different ways of generating cash flow and researched trends and where I thought things were heading economically…

I also took A LOT of time out to figure out just what I had done so wrong…

From that ‘Rivers of Gold: How to Create Multiple Income Streams’ was conceived and produced.

The book takes a look at the ways in which you can make money in the new and ever changing economy, and  people who are willing to put the principles into practice can tap into that for themselves. There are also a couple of great cash flow strategies that can help ‘bridge’ the gap between leaving your J O B and actually making good money from your passion.

Because of the mistakes I have made, I know there is an easier path and that it need not be the same hard road for you or for the readers…  I also want to make this even more about others too, therefore 10% of all proceeds from book sales, digital and physical will be donated to ACT for Kids here in Australia.

The money will be used to finalize the project, to get the book its final edit and to have a run of books printed. There are a few more graphical things that need attending too, so there will be some of these funds allocated to that also.

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