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In memory and love for Leo Obsidian Buntine

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Support and love for Erin and Troy

As friends and loved ones of Erin and Troy, we all shared in their joy and delight in their journey to becoming parents for the first time. As they set up nest in the beautiful surrounds of Mullumbimby, we shared in their excitement, plans and anticipation for the arrival of their little baby.

The heartbreaking news of the birth and passing of little Leo Obsidian Buntine on 8 January, so eloquently and beautifully conveyed by Erin, has come as a devastating shock.

Erin’s letter: 

I am so very sorry to be sending you this letter, but I can’t speak. I have to share the saddest news. On Tuesday our bub was found by ultrasound to have a rare and random bladder obstruction that led to irreversible kidney damage and therefore lack of ability for his little lungs to develop. We were not given any hope of him surviving. Sadly & joyfully, Leo Obsidian Buntine was born yesterday by caesarean section at 11:16am. I had an incredible team of 11, 8 of them women -it was truly a special experience. Leo spent an amazing hour with us, taking sporadic breaths, talking to us like a little bird & exploding our hearts wide open like the stars. The world just stopped while he was here. He passed away peacefully in my arms, nestled skin to skin with us -a beautiful little 8 pound boy with my nose, chin & big dark eyes, troys distinctively beautiful (long) hands & feet! Lots of other bits that we will never get to discover. We have cherished memories & photos of his moments of life earthside and an amazing 10 months gestation together. There is nothing that could have been done or picked up sooner & we are so very grateful to have had such an awesome life affirming year, so filled with love. We are being cared for in Brisbane by an amazing team, but obviously our whole world has been shattered, we don’t know what comes next, just that we have each other and great hope for the future. This is life. Shit on a stick. We are going offline now. I wanted our community to know & share (as much as I wish I could spare you from this devastating reality). If you would like to contact us, our address is 312 Left Bank rd Mullumbimby 2482 (for the next 8 weeks while I heal anyway). My email address is still We love you all so much & feel your strength from a far. If you would like to see a photo of our beautiful boy, let me know & I will send something through one day when I can face the photos. We are so proud & although his life was a very short one, his presence was immense, life changing and a divine gift of love. Goodbye for now xox


In the absence of words and being so physically far away, as many of us are, and at a loss to know of how to help, I decided, after consulting with some of Erin’s other good friends, to put it out there to try to raise some dollars for them, with the view to taking some financial pressure off for now so they can at least have the space to grieve and focus on healing. Can we come together and cover their rent for bit? What do you think?


This website, ipledge, is a ‘crowd funding’ platform. Check out the website for details on how this all works. Any small amount you might be able to contribute will help, but if you aren’t in a position to contribute financially, that’s ok –  you can still help by spreading the word using the share button and spreading the word to the friends you share with Erin and Troy. Thank you x

  1. A little bit about me. I am a friend of Erin of about 18 years and I live in Melbourne. Erin has remained a treasured friend throughout many years of changing and winding paths. Recently, she assisted at the birth of my daughter Claudia – she was there at the most treasured experience of my life. It seems a cruel irony that this person who has devoted her professional life to helping women during pregnancy care and birth has suffered this unimaginable loss. Let’s band together and help our beloved friend!


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