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What The BLEEP is Crowdfunding?

We have just put up a new project so if you missed your chance last time you can secure your place by clicking HERE.

What the BLEEP is Crowdfunding and the Crowdfunding Toolbox are two full-on workshops to be presented in Cairns by Bryan Vadas, CEO of Australian crowdfunding platform iPledg, on Saturday, 1 December.

The person behind bringing Bryan Vadas to Cairns is well known local personality and Olympian equestrian, Christine Doan, who has been a long time advocate of alternative sources of funding and “looking outside of the square” for solutions in this present economic climate.  Christine is a founding member of the Crowdfunding Association of Australia.

Crowdfunding is an alternative way to finance a project. It has gained global popularity and become increasingly successful over the last three years.  Usually when you try to get a project financed, you go to a bank or apply for a funding grant.  Crowdfunding works far more efficiently as it provides direct communications between investors and entrepreneurs, or between donors and community projects. This direct connection is utilised via the Internet using a special crowdfunding platform such as iPledg. The “crowd” starts out from your social media and email contacts, and other friends and colleagues. Your friends tell their friends, the word spreads until you receive enough pledges to reach your target.

In these tough times we have to become increasingly adept at alternative forms of funding, so let’s get the far north steaming and money raining down this wet season by getting the whinny…er…skinny on crowdfunding straight from the horse’s mouth!

Bryan is donating his time to come to Cairns and conduct the workshops, but we feel it’s only fair to cover the costs to get him up here for a couple of days. So our funding target is just for the out-of-pocket expenses as well as the costs of actually hosting the sessions. If we get this right, it’s a small price to pay to bring to the far north a sustainable method of funding that can be used for artistic, creative, commercial, charitable, and community projects.

iPledg is an “all or nothing” crowdfunding platform. That means if we don’t reach our target we get nothing, and nothing is taken from your PayPal account or credit card. If you can’t support this project financially, you can still help by spreading the word to your friends using the social button on the left.

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** Note – this successful campaign was ported over from iPledg 2.0. Whilst there were a large number of backers who assisted the campaign in reaching its target, their number and details are not shown here

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    A ticket to "What the BLEEP is Crowdfunding?" A full on two hour workshop with IPLEDG's CEO Bryan Vadas covering a full introduction to the world of Crowdfunding - its history,some hugely successful projects, interesting stats, the evolution of social media and lots more. When - 9am Saturday 1st December in central Cairns

  • pledge $50

    Unlimited backers

    A ticket to "Crowdfunding Toolbox". A commprehensive three hour workshop with IPledg's CEO Bryan Vadas covering all aspects of getting your project up on a platform and the money rolling in. Come and learn about telling your story well, making a compelling video, offering tempting rewards, involving the media, enlisting the support of family and friends, the magic 30% mark, developing a passion for your project, using social media and much much more.... When - 1pm Saturday 1st December in central Cairns

  • pledge $70

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    A ticket to both "What the BLEEP is Crowdfunding?" AND "Crowdfunding Toolbox" , a full day of empowering knowedge of every aspect of Crowdfuning and how it can become an integral part of your funding toolbox. Presented by Bryan Vedas, CEO of IPledg. When 9am and 1pm Saturday 1st December in central Cairns.


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