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Crowdfunding Workshop

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What The BLEEP is Crowdfunding?


Come along to two full on workshops on crowd funding and find out all about this new way of fund raising that’s taking the world by storm!  

“What the BLEEP is Crowdfunding?”
 and “Crowdfunding Toolbox” are two workshops  to be presented in Cairns by Bryan Vadas, CEO of Australian crowdfunding platform iPledg.

Bryan is donating his time to come to Cairns and conduct the workshops and we are crowd funding his expenses and workshop costs through iPledg.   If we get this right, it’s a small price to pay to bring to the far north a sustainable method of funding that can be used for artistic, creative, commercial, charitable, sporting and community projects.  Come along and find out from the expert how crowd funding could work for your project.

When   :    Saturday 1st December 2012            
Times   :    9am     “What the BLEEP is Crowdfunding?”                                  
                  1pm     “Crowdfunding Toolbox”           
Where  :    Meeting Room 1, Cairns City Library, 151 Abbott Street, Cairns                                      
Tickets  :    Buy here (see rewards for details and to purchase tickets) you can come along to one or other of the workshops, or attend them both.

Any queries to or ring us on 0405 964 381, see you there!!!


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    One ticket to the morning workshop "What the BLEEP is Crowdfunding?" - One ticket to "What the BLEEP is Crowdfunding?" A full on morning workshop with IPLEDG's CEO Bryan Vadas covering a full introduction to the world of crowd funding - its history,some hugely successful projects, interesting stats, the evolution of social media and lots more. When - 9am Saturday 1st December Meeting Room 1, Cairns City Library, 151 Abbott Street, Cairns

  • pledge $50

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    One ticket to the afternoon workshop "Crowdfunding Toolbox" - One ticket to "Crowdfunding Toolbox". A comprehensive afternoon workshop with IPledg's CEO Bryan Vadas covering all aspects of getting your project up on a platform and the money rolling in. Come and learn about telling your story well, making a compelling video, offering tempting rewards, involving the media, enlisting the support of family and friends, the magic 30% mark, developing a passion for your project, using social media and much much more.... When - 1pm Saturday 1st December, Meeting Room1, Cairns City Library, 151 Abbott Street, Cairns.

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    One ticket to a whole day of Crowdfunding workshops! - One ticket to both "What the BLEEP is Crowdfunding?" AND "Crowdfunding Toolbox" , a full day of empowering knowledge of every aspect of crowd funding and how it can become an integral part of your funding toolbox. Presented by Bryan Vedas, CEO of IPledg. When 9am and 1pm Saturday 1st December, Meeting Room 1, Cairns City Library, 151 Abbott Street, Cairns.


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