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A Secret to Successful Fundraising: A Compelling Story


Well it isn’t so secret but there are things that fundraisers can overlook for their fundraising campaigns and a lot of it is common sense.

The most important part of fundraising is the story. People want to give to something or someone that pulls at their heartstrings. A good story will have people wanting to learn more, wanting to give and support your fundraising cause.

Story telling is an art but not difficult. Indigenous elders would share stories around campfires of ancestors to pass on their history to their mob. Irish people are known for a telling a good story and usually includes some mythology. The idea is to capture your audience and keep them interested and wanting to be part of the journey.

An example of a great story is one from RSPCA where a little puppy was heard crying in a dumpster at a shopping centre. His rescuer heard his whimpers and took him to RSPCA. Unfortunately the little pup had injuries to his leg that resulted in amputation of his leg. He was fostered out to a family as he needed special care and attention until he could be returned to the shelter and wait for possible adoption. He thrived under the loving care of his foster parents and meanwhile they were falling in love with him. When the time came for the little pup to return to the shelter, the couple knew they couldn’t live without him and adopted him themselves. The little pup had found his forever home and both the pup and his new parents couldn’t be happier. RSPCA adapted the story writing of this adoption on many fundraising appeals such as direct mail, Facebook and featured the pup and his parents at fundraising and promotional events.

Now, this story could have been written up as a negative story about the puppy’s abandonment and abuse however RSPCA wrote the story with a positive vibe that the pup was rescued by a kind stranger, he survived his injuries, was fostered out rather than be in the shelter while he recovered and he was adopted. This pup’s story raised up to $100K through various mediums and he was showcased at events and people continued to give due to his story. They wanted to hear about his journey during and well after his adoption and he almost became part of their family too.

You are telling a story for your fundraising appeal of which you are passionate about, so let the passion go on the page or the video. Don’t be fake; just be real and talk from the heart.  ~ Written by Lyn Mitchell

Posted on February 7, 2019 By DrDion