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Crowd Funding – Delivering Relief, Joy and Assistance at Christmas

iPledg - Logo - Low-ResolutionChristmas is a time of great joy, celebration, and peaceful relaxation with family and friends. But also, for many, it is a time when those who have little feel most alone, and most in need. With a growing number of needy in our communities, those who deliver relief and assistance have their resources stretched, and are put under increased financial pressure. However, it doesn’t necessarily need to be this way, with crowd funding offering the perfect solution to fund assistance programs. And with eleven weeks til Christmas, now is the right time to get campaigns started to deliver Christmas cheer.

Resource and time poor, charities and community groups are now able to use crowd funding to leverage the reach of the internet, engage a broader audience, and mobilize them to support initiatives aimed to help those a little less fortunate. A campaign started now and run for 60 days will provide the funding required to bring food, gifts and a broad range projects to assist those most in need at a time when they are perhaps feeling most isolated.

Children are some of those hit hardest at Christmas time. Whether it be through ill health, being disabled, or part of a family whose circumstances mean that there are no gifts under the tree, those with caring intent can run campaigns to fill the void left when Santa doesn’t visit, or when food is scarce, or medical assistance is seemingly out of reach.

The homeless can be touched by the spirit of Christmas, and crowd funding campaigns can be run to provide a special Christmas meal, or an event to let them feel loved or part of a broader family.  So many in the community want to share the love, and initiating a crowd funding campaign is the perfect answer. The rewards do not have to be tangible, and for many the reward of giving, or the reward of being involved is all they ever want in return for their pledge.

The elderly are often forgotten during the festive period. Programs to ensure that carers check on them when conditions outside can put them at risk in their homes can make a difference to not only the way they feel, but their survival. Bringing families together or providing experiences to take the place of family when they are not about can make the difference between Christmas being the happiest or saddest time of the year.

And now, one crowd funding platform is wearing its heart on its sleeve, and giving their Christmas presents early this year. For the month of October, any campaigns listed on iPledg ( ) by charitable or community organisations or people hoping to deliver any project of a giving nature around Christmas time, can do so on iPledg and have the success fees waived in total. Yes – project creators can list charitable and community projects on iPledg in October for free, and not pay any success fees once they hit their target (the normal third party transaction fees still apply, but there are none of the success fees payable – the only platform to do so!). iPledg is a global platform, able to take projects and pledges from anywhere in the world in which crowd funding is allowed by law.

If you are inspired by the spirit of Christmas, and want to start a project to deliver joy, happiness, relief or cheer at Christmas time, now is the time to start your campaign. And in the spirit of Christmas, iPledg have thrown their platform open to you to allow you to fund your passion without paying any listing fees or success fees. But act now, before the end of October, and make someone’s Christmas wish come true.

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