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Crowd Funding – Helping The Project Creator

Some project creators have the time and energy to put together a great project with all the ingredients to really make it sing, but do not have the have the time (the few minutes each day), the confidence, or the know-how to get their message to the crowd. iPledg has now developed the solution that will hopefully become the norm amongst those who run crowd funding platforms – The Campaign Assistance Packages (CAPs) Program offers project creators support, direction, and some impetus to their campaign.


In response to market needs, iPledg created the CAPs program. Some project creators said they had time to put their project together but no time to promote it, or to do so consistently. Others needed someone to provide them the initial (first month’s) direction and momentum, so iPledg created a service by which they could have their social media engagement done on their behalf, as well as database marketing, and internet research for like minded groups. People can then determine if they want to list a project for free on iPledg and do the work themselves (as is currently the case with most crowd funding platforms), or if they want to pay a small fee and have some of this work done for them.


Matching the voice and tone of communication is key to the success of this social media service. By really getting to know the project creator, and their underlying objectives as well as the manner in which they have gained the support of their crowd to date, the essence of their voice is captured, and communication is effectively executed on their behalf. Although the operators of the platform run the process, the project creator must engage and approve the outgoing communications to ensure that the communications indeed reflect their voice and tone.


The CAPs program is not intended as a long term service to any project creator. It is their passion and their crowd, so the CAPs program exists to help projects get traction in their early days. It provides impetus, as well as giving the project creator the direction and the confidence to remove the training wheels and hopefully ride successfully to the finish line and achieve a successfully funded campaign.

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