Crowd Funding – Linking The Past To The Future

Armies are amassing. These are not armies of war, but armies of support, and they’re your armies. The advent of modern technology, namely email, as well as social media has made it possible for you to build your armies over time. In fact, you already have your army gathered, and they await your command, your direction, and your call to mobilise. And your mission, or your project, is the battle into which you must engage and lead your forces.

Your past is being recorded and built each day. Every contact you come across online is added to your database, email list, friends, followers, connections, and “likers”. Your past, when it comes to crowd funding, will often determine your future, and you can affect the outcomes of this future in the way in which you build and engage your supporters and contacts.

Crowd funding is the perfect bridge between your past and your future successes. Through crowd funding you can bring together all the contacts you have, and unite them to one common goal – your goal. Each day, you create your own history, and you can affect this by building your history in a predetermined manner – revolution rather than simple evolution. You can go about building your army with purpose and gathering followers rather than just amassing them over time.

Some people are blessed with already having built a following, so when they come up with a project, they already have an audience to whom they can promote and ask for buy-in, thus linking their past contacts to their future aspirations. For others who do not have a sizeable following in place, all is not lost. They simply need to go back and re-establish contact with connections from the past. Alternatively, or even additionally, they can implement creative campaigns to build followers, and these can quickly build an audience that can be accessed in future funding campaigns

The history you build is the platform on which your future will be formed. Once you have built your army, you have your supporters with whom you can share your passion, and from whom you can ask support. And this army, once immobilised, can create quite a movement, and this can (in turn) attract the attention and support of others, and the momentum can amplify and grow.

Universities are a good example of an organisation with an army of supporters. Over their history, a university has amassed a band of supporters from their student base, their alumni, and their local community. When it comes to crowd funding, universities are well positioned to tap into their past contacts and drive the funding of their future aspirations.

Similarly, sporting clubs have the parents, past players, fans and community who all share the passion and enthusiasm for the club and “the jersey”. Their history, their past and present fans, the journey to date places them in a position where they can fund future projects from the fans that have started to march to the beat of the team’s drum over their history

But you don’t need to be a university or any incorporated body to engage your past to affect your future. Individuals have amassed forces they can mobilise to assist in achieving the goals. They can also build their armies. And utilise the forces to assist in achieving their goals. It is a simple matter of tapping into the contacts of the past, to build the army of today, which will support you in your crowd funding campaigns of the future.

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