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Crowd Funding – Money For Your New Year’s Aspirations

iPledg - Logo - Low-ResolutionThe start of a New Year. For many, this means new resolutions to lose weight or quit some vices that are no good for you. For many others, a new year heralds a brave new world, and the chance to chase new passions, or those that have been lingering for some time. Regardless of the dream, aspiration or goal, many of them require funding in some form. This is where crowd funding now offers to turn dreams into reality for 2014, and provide the cash you need to make these dreams come to life.

For most people, New Year’s resolutions just don’t work. They end up being simple promises that a person makes to themselves, and these commitments seem to go as quickly as they came about – a flash in the pan as it were. Statistics indicate that almost half of us make New Year’s resolutions, with some of the most common themes being related to finances or goals, or both.  The truth is that 25% fail to see out the first week of the New Year, over a third of them drop away before the end of the first month, and 54% of New Year’s resolutions have all but evaporated by half way into the New Year. And those who make New Year’s resolutions don’t just tend to make one, but 67% of those who make these self promises make three or more.

But why do so many New Year’s resolutions fail so quickly? Experts feel that the reason for the failure of these resolutions is that most people do not back their resolution with proper planning. There is also very little in terms of motivation from peers to keep interest and focus at the necessary levels for success. Crowd funding now offers the missing components to not only fund your resolutions, but to keep commitment and focus.

Starting a crowd funding campaign now with pre-campaign work allows for those with New Year’s resolutions to get their crowd engaged and ready to help. Preparing the crowd is integral not only for crowd funding success, but also gets them ready to keep the project creator focused. The crowd supports the campaign, as well as keeping the project creator committed to achieving their goal, and not allowing them to drop off, as is traditionally the case with New Year’s resolutions.

Once underway, a crowd funding campaign is a great way to measure and monitor success. Most platforms will have a mechanism or visual indicator of how the fund raising is progressing towards its target. Project creators and those who support campaigns can easily see how much has been raised, as well as what percentage of the target has been achieved. There is constant motivation as supporters urge the line to move to the right towards the total, possibly even contacting other people to get behind the campaign and give impetus to the chase for funds.

New Year’s Resolutions can be broken down into achievable, bite sized pieces through the use of crowd funding. The campaign marks the first phase or the initial success before the project (or subject of the New Year’s resolution) itself actually begins. By the time the project creator starts to “cut wood” they have their crowd in place to keep them focussed, and their funding campaign successfully achieved to ensure motivation is maintained. Through doing it this way, project creators have a far better chance of achieving their resolution for the New Year.

To all, a Happy New Year from all at iPledg. Here’s to funding your passion and living your dream supported by crowd funding in 2014

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