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Crowd Funding – Practical Applications – University and College Life

Universities and Colleges have often been the incubator for great ideas, for political movements, and for the genesis of historic events and achievements. But one could ask how much more would have been produced and what more of an impact made if the universities and their students had had access to more seed funding to get some of their ideas off the ground rather than letting their good intent wither on the vine. Now, such finances are available through the advent of crowd funding.

University faculties and interest groups now have available to them a form of funding that allows for creative concepts to morph into projects with community support. They now have at their fingertips a way in which to get finance quickly and simply if they are able to motivate the crowd to share and support their vision. Never before has such funding been so readily available as it is now through crowd funding with iPledg, and universities no longer have to “prove up” a concept or achieve traction before the money can start to flow. A great idea, a spark of shared passion amongst the community, and some great inducements or rewards to those who pledge support are now all it takes to achieve the required funding for a well thought out, well articulated, and brilliantly executed campaign.

By virtue of the nature of what universities do, they have a huge audience to engage and from whom they can draw upon for potential supporters. Current students, alumni groups, and staff form the first and quite sizeable tier of potential supporters. These are the ones who usually share the pride of being part of the university community and are often supportive of the projects undertaken by the institution. Then there is the local community in the regional proximity to the university that may be drawn to a campaign which may benefit the community at large.

Then there are the students themselves on a more micro level. Collectively they have a large collection of projects stemming from their studies as well as from activities undertaken outside of their more formal university activities. Students are, in the main, quite dynamic with diverse interests across the arts, science and community, and these extra circular pursuits may also be ideal for crowd funding. Suitability and success are all down to the ability to engage the crowd with a compelling story, igniting their passion, and enticing them to pledge support by offering them well thought out inducements or rewards.

Universities and colleges are a meeting point for science and art, where what we know meets with how we feel, and the logical collides with the emotional. As such, projects and ingenuity abound, but until now many have remained on the shelf due to the inability to fund these great intentions. Now, through crowd funding with iPledg, universities and their students are able to fund their ideas into reality through engagement of a motivated crowd, and fund passions into being.

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