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Crowd Funding – Safe, Efficient, and Effective Fund Raising for Schools

iPledg - Logo - Low-ResolutionSchools are constantly in need of funding to provide the best facilities and experiences for their students. Whether it is sporting equipment, shade for lunchtime seating, props and scenery for the school play, sending students to participate or compete in an event, or any of the many projects schools constantly have in process, there is a never ending need for funds to supplement the governments decreasing bursaries. So is it any wonder that crowd funding is now being seen as the most effective answer to schools obtaining the funding they need, and at the same time engaging the school community.

The current fund raising options are becoming tired and enthusiasm is waning as the efforts required for traditional fund raising far outweigh the funds raised. Selling fund raising chocolates ties up precious family time, and is also seen to be dangerous (allowing small kids to door knock and approach strangers on their own). Not to mention that it is usually the family of the child that ends up purchasing the chocolates themselves, and ending up with sweet treats way beyond the craving of any sweet tooth.

Fetes and other fund raising events require a mountainous effort by a few dedicated souls, so such forms of fund raising usually turn out to be quite inefficient. Seldom do any of the initiators of such events return for a second attempt, which is an indication of the difficulty associated with running them. Schools also need to contend with the fact that the great efforts to stage such an event can be undermined quite quickly by poor weather which can turn the best of intentions into a total wash out.

Crowd Funding now offers schools a quick, simple, and efficient way in which to raise funding for their projects, and astute schools will be quick to adopt regular or rolling programs to continually fund the projects that keep presenting themselves. Loading of a project onto a crowd funding site like iPledg takes just 10 to 15 minutes, and then the school can be raising funds. Communication to “the crowd” and continually driving the message takes no additional time to the standard day-to-day activities of the school, as informing the crowd is as simple as mentioning the campaign in newsletters, at assemblies, and in the regular forms of constant communication that schools undertake.

And there is such a crowd already in place at most schools. There is a broad audience with whom schools engage every day – parents, students, former students or alumni, local residents, sporting and special interest groups, and Parents and Friends Associations. Each of these simply needs to be made aware and constantly reminded of the campaign through the regular course of communication. Asking them to have a look at the project, to pledge their support, and to continue to spread the word to their networks allows for hundreds, if not thousands, of people to get involved and support the campaign – far more than any traditional forms of fund raising used by schools in the past.

At first glance, some schools may struggle to see what rewards they can offer to those who pledge support, but quickly one realises just how many rewards schools can so easily offer. Preferred seating at performances or sporting events, treats from the school canteen, or recognition through naming rights or mention on an honour board are just a few creative ways of rewarding those who pledge their support. Further engagement with the community can be achieved if some of the parents offer rewards from their businesses to those who support the school’s campaign, thus giving greater inducements to pledge.

Currently iPledg are looking for 3 schools to undertake a pilot program to show just how wonderful and successful crowd funding can be for schools. iPledg is not only offering to waive 100% of their success fees, but are also offering tailored and personal mentoring for the schools who opt in for the program, so they will guided and assisted through every step of the program, from designing the campaign, to promoting it, and to how to best wrap up a successful campaign to ensure maximum support the next time a campaign is run. If your school is interested, email now and start crowd funding your school today.

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