Crowd Funding – Take My Hand and Let Me Take You Where You Want To Go

iPledg - Logo - Low-ResolutionDespite being the fastest growing form of e-commerce on the planet, Crowd funding is still largely a mystery to many. Much of the population has not heard of it, and many of those who have heard still remain unclear as to the mechanics of crowd funding. Logically, why would people pledge to fund the passions of other people, in most cases people they have never met? This is where the magic of crowd funding exists, the wonders of disruptive technology, and where crowd funding specialists are now explaining to their crowd how it all works.

Specialists in crowd funding and operators of various platforms like iPledg are utlising a number of communication mediums to let the crowd know all about crowd funding. Blogs, white papers, webinars, seminars, and workshops are all being utilised to get the word out there, to preach to the faithful and the hopeful, and to let them know all about this wonderful way in which project creators can fund their initiatives without taking on loans or giving away equity in their product or company. It is the last one of these options – workshops – that is proving to be the most popular, allowing people to interact with other attendees and the presenters, and get feedback as to their particular needs.

Potential crowd funders are able to learn all about what crowd funding is all about. They can find out how it has emerged and how it has got to where it is today, as well as where it is headed. The features of crowd funding are then translated into the benefits that project creators can enjoy once they have it explained to them how they can use it to fund their passion, whether it be for creative, commercial, charitable, or community projects. Finally, attendees at crowd funding workshops can get a good understanding of what is the structure of a good crowd funding campaign.

Again, iPledg is leading the way with workshops like the “Crowd Funding Toolbox” aimed at how project creators can make their campaign really sing. Attendees are coached on how to write a clear and engaging project description, and to produce a captivating campaign video. Rewards or inducements are paramount in getting people to pledge their support for a campaign, so many workshops focus their attention on how to steer clear of offering another coffee mug or t-shirt, and finding creative and well sought after rewards. As with elite athletes, workshops will coach their charges on how to be well prepared and campaign ready, and to be able to sprint out of the blocks as soon as the starting gun is fired. All aspects of the campaign lifecycle are covered, from beginning, through the “sagging belly” phase, and deal with both campaign success as well as understanding the options when a campaign falls short of its target.

Personalised attention and ability to discuss how the nuts and bolts of crowd funding can apply to their particular campaign is drawing prospective project creators to workshops. It is the subtle “tricks of the trade” that can make the difference between crowd funding success and a project creator that is left wondering. Customer focused platform operators are extending their hand to the crowd, and offering to lead them to crowd funding success, a move that is having a positive impact in this sector.

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