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Crowd Funding – The Importance of a Truly Global Platform

Over the years we have seen some emerging giants in crowd funding platforms. But the success of a crowd funding campaign not necessarily linked to the size of the platform. It is about the ease by which the project creator can engage with the crowd. Some projects on larger sites are lost in the noise and clutter of the sheer volume on these monolithic sites. Other large sites make it hard for foreign projects to list or for project supporters from abroad to pledge. It is the emerging global platforms that really offer much to project creators.

A crowd funding platforms offers project creators a place where they can post their projects and invite friends, fans, and potential followers to pledge their support to the campaign. The campaign page (with its own special place on the internet) must be easily found by the people invited through the marketing and promotional activities of the project creator. A common complaint of projects on larger sites it that they are often feel like a lone person in rush hour on the New York subway, pretty much lost in the crowd, and unable to stand out from the masses. Their desire to participate in an uncluttered and clean environment, on a site where they can be more readily found, is satisfied by smaller sites like iPledg.

The responsiveness of the smaller sites which pride themselves on being fast, flexible and relevant is another feature that is being sought after and appreciated by project creators. This is especially so by sites that have broken down the restrictive barriers on some of the larger sites that only allow “locals” to create or pledge to projects, limiting activity to those with a local bank account or social security number. Again, it is smaller sites like iPledg that have recognised that we are all part of a global community, and (as such) project creators should be able to easily reach potential supporters from all around the world. People from all around the world should be unrestricted from posting their projects on the site and, similarly, such projects should be able to take pledges from all around the world, thus dramatically opening up their earning potential.

Many more people are waking up to the benefits of crowd funding, but they want to be heard, to be noticed, and do not want to be lost in the crowd. They recognise we are part of a global community, and don’t want obstacles and barriers in the way of their project engaging with a willing crowd. It is the astute project creator who has realised that for a site to work well for them, it doesn’t necessarily have to big, to be based in the USA, and to have millions of projects on the site at a time. To the contrary, it is the smaller, emerging sites,  that may just offer them the best chance of being heard and, ultimately, crowd funding success.

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