As someone who pledges money to a project on iPledg, you acknowledge that your pledge is not an investment, nor are you to gain any financial reward by supporting a project. You do so out of a desire to support the project, the project creator, or the “greater good” brought by their project being successfully achieved or implemented, as well as for any reward on offer to you for making the pledge.

Any form of e-commerce comes with its risks. We have chosen PayPal and Stripe as our payment gateways, because of their checks and balances. iPledg also recommends for project creators to include in their project description links to any articles about them or their projects to give possible supporters an idea of whom they are supporting.

You need to satisfy yourself as to the identity or bona fides of the Project Creator, the Project’s feasibility, the Project Creator’s capacity to carry out the Project or provide any reward offered.It is your sole responsibility to satisfy yourself as to these matters and you should make your own enquiries and investigations as to the validity/legality of the email address posted by the Project Creator on the Site.Your enquiries and investigations have been made by means, in addition to using the information on the Site. At the end of the day, iPledg does not warrant the projects or project creators, and you really need to rely on your own investigations.To find a project that you may be interested in supporting, you can search in a number of ways:

  • If a project creator has invited you to look specifically at their project, you may have been given a link, in which case you will be taken directly to that particular project;
  • You can search for projects by category (Creative. Commercial. Charitable etc.)  by simply going to the project list and clicking on your choice of category;
  • You can search our home page by campaigns that are Featured, Most Popular, Ending Soon or Successful;

Once you have found the project that you wish to support and made all of your independent enquiries about the Project Creator and Project, simply click on the green “Pledge” button on the right side of the project page.

You will be asked to signup (and enter some details about yourself at that point), or requested to login if you have already signed up previously.Then the process is simple – from the list you just choose the reward you wish to claim should the funding campaign be successful. You can also pledge anonymously or nominate another amount but if you do this you will not be able to receive your reward. Once you have chosen your reward you will be asked to accept the terms and conditions before choosing your payment method, PayPal or credit card. You will then be redirected to the appropriate website to complete your pledge. Remember iPledg does not store any credit card or PayPal info and you will only be charged at the end of the funding period, and only if the funding target is achieved. That’s what is meant by “all or nothing” funding.

If the funding target is not reached by the funding deadline, your pledge will not be processed. Project supporters do not pay a single cent if the funding target is not reached. Before making  a pledge you should  liaise directly with the project creator. You can continue to do this after making a pledge. iPledg will keep you advised of the progress of the funding campaign by emailing you a notification of when the funding campaign hits certain milestones. When the funding campaign hits 100% of the funding target, we will let you know that your pledge will be processed at the funding deadline (the date at which the funding campaign ends). Should your payment be declined at this stage for any reason, we will contact you to make arrangements for the pledge to be honoured. Should the payment still not go through at this point, the pledge will not proceed, and you will not receive your reward.

And project supporters are NEVER charged any fees by iPledg

There are many questions that Project supporters have, and we feel confident that we have covered most of these on our FAQs (frequently asked questions) page. If you still have further questions after checking out our FAQs page, please feel free to Contact us.

Posted on March 4, 2015 By admin

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