A reward is not intended to have a monetary value equal to the amount of the pledge but rather is a recognition of support for the project.

In exchange for supporting a project, Project Supporters may be offered rewards, e.g. copies of work produced, limited editions and fun or creative experiences.

Offering financial rewards or incentives, such as ownership, financial returns (e.g. profit share), cash and cash equivalents or pledge repayment (e.g. loans) is prohibited.

Please note the following important points:
(a) at the time of posting the project on the Site and until each reward is purchased by him, the Project Creator must have sufficient funds on hand to provide any reward offered;
(b) payment for the purchase and delivery of each reward must not be made out of the monies raised by the funding campaign;
(c) a Project Creator must not provide to a Project Supporter or any other person any benefit in respect of the fund raising other than the provision of the reward to the Project Supporter;
(d) it is a breach of the fundraising laws of Australia contained in the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) to fail to comply with points (a) to (c) above.

A major component to the success of a funding campaign are the rewards you offer. Our research reveals Project creators who offer interesting, and exciting rewards increase their chances of hitting their funding target. Here are our hints and tips on how to select cool & creative rewards that you could consider offering as part of your funding campaign: as well as some cool & creative rewards that we have seen used for other funding campaigns:

  • Rewards can be either tangible or intangible;
  • Ensure that you put in the project description when the rewards will be delivered. Make sure it is a realistic timeframe;
  • It is best not to have too many categories for rewards. Perhaps stick to rewards for pledges of $10+, $25+, $50+, and $100+.
  • The most commonly pledged amount (based on our research) is $50, so pay particular attention to the attractiveness and value of that reward;
  • Don’t forget to spell out if shipping is included or extra (and if extra, at what cost). You may want to send your rewards out in a manner that gives you some proof of delivery for your protection;
  • Keep updating the Updates tab after the funding deadline to let Project Supporters know the progress of their rewards, don’t be afraid of over communicating;

As a general guide….

  • If you can manage, make rewards one of a kind;
  • If offering intangible rewards, try to ensure that they are fun experiences;
  • Involvement or acknowledgment is always valued and appreciated;
  • A special visit “to or from” is always welcomed;
  • Naming rights are something that project supporters love;
  • Invitations to a launch or party are prized;

And remember….The Project Creator  is responsible for the timely delivery of the rewards. A heap of great ideas for rewards:

  1. A heartfelt thank you;
  2. A hug from the Project Creator;
  3. A virtual hug or kiss;
  4. A personal Thank You from the Project Creator and what your pledge means for him;
  5. A handwritten thank you letter or postcard from Project Creator;
  6. An invitation to the product launch or some other event or party is always fun;
  7. Acknowledgement page on website with larger font, font type depending on value of pledge. Special framed area at top of page with picture and short bio plus link back to Project Supporter;
  8. Discount Coupons;
  9. Regular emailed updates;
  10. Screen Printed T-Shirt;
  11. Coloured wrist band to show support of cause;
  12. Naming rights to a product;
  13. Stickers posted to Project Supporters;
  14. Free support not related to the Project for a period of “X”;
  15. Good Karma & 1000 Blessings;
  16. A branded button (to pin to clothing);
  17. A signed lithograph of the invention;
  18. A Q&A with the inventor or creator;
  19. A private audience or display of product;
  20. A one to one Skype chat with Project Creator;
  21. The Project Creator designs a version of product as a limited edition with full naming rights and credit;
  22. Access to project updates;
  23. Behind the scenes audio and video footage of our first run of products;
  24. Ribbon from the opening ceremony, scissors used in ceremony, signed certificate of appreciation by all founding team;
  25. A signed limited edition print or photograph;
  26. Animated digital wallpaper, desktop wallpaper image;
  27. Cool benefactor names like (in order of awesomeness): Patron,  Benefactor, etc;
  28. Included as a minor character in a new version or edition or series;
  29. A secret gift of value between X & Y;
  30. A handmade sculpture using off cuts or byproduct of manufacturing in creating 1st run of product;
  31. A breakfast for two with X at the swankiest place in town;
  32. Two tickets to the premiere/gala event, VIP treatment, public credit at the  opening of the Project;
  33. Your name on the founding stone laid at……;
  34. Your name on the building…;
  35. Be the star in our video advertisement or TV commercial;
  36. A limited edition promotion book;
  37. An invitation to visit the set whilst filming is on and associate producer credit in film;
  38. Business mentoring or business advice/guidance for x hours, perhaps on Skype.

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