The following steps, based on our research, will give you a simple overview of planning and running a successful project:

  • Plan your project well. Define all of the details, and make sure there is a finite goal.
  • Write your story. Be genuine and compelling, and inspire your audience to want to get on board. Remember, a passionate individual or team with impressive credibility will always engage the masses;
  • Work out your budget and timeframe;
  • Create a database of lots of suitable followers. It’s as simple as making a list of everyone you know who could possibly be a follower – family, friends, contacts on social networking sites, the people you work with or play sport with – everyone!
  • Work out a list of cool and creative rewards that people will want if they support your project;
  • Open a PayPal account and get it verified (and please make sure your settings allow you to receive AUD$);
  • Upload your project, telling your story, showing your video and pictures, and outlining the rewards offered (with some pictures of them too). You can get more details from our Posting a Project page;
  • Promote your project. Get family and friends to back you because they love you and know you. Get them to spread the word on your behalf;
  • Ask for referrals;
  • Work your database, go wide, and ask people to support you by visiting your project on iPledg and by spreading the word;
  • Use all forms of social media and communication to repeatedly get your message out there and to continue to move the “story” or campaign along;
  • Keep going with relentless pursuit, promotion, and continual repetition;
  • Engage the media wherever possible;
  • Most importantly, enjoy, say thank you to those who help you on your journey, and have fun.

Posted on March 4, 2015 By admin

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