iPledg provides Project Creators an easy online platform to raise money, enabling ordinary people to turn their passion into a funding campaign, promote their idea, engage a fan base, and get funded.

The founders of iPledg have spent a considerable amount of time involved in the commercial world, seeing some great ideas that never got off the ground because of a lack of funding.

These unsuccessful project creators were unable to “tick all the boxes” or meet the criteria set up by the “dream-takers”, so their dreams and ideas simply fell by the wayside.

So we set up iPledg to fill the gap at the bottom of the funding ladder. Sometimes a really good idea just needs the initial capital to get going. But instead of just funding one area of the community, we tried to make it as broad-based as possible, covering…

(a) Commercial and business initiatives;
(b) Charitable & community projects; and
(c) Creative and Artistic projects.

Crowd funding through iPledg is all about supporting projects (with a clear and definitive framework). It is an “all or nothing” funding method where projects must be fully funded or no money changes hands. All or nothing funding ensures that a project only receives funding where the project creator can do something meaningful with it. The last thing we want to do is set someone up for failure by only giving them 10% of what they need but still expecting the same result as if they had 100% of what they required.

Based on our research the “sweet spot” for raising money through Crowd Funding is between $2,000 and $25,000, although much larger amounts have been raised by well run funding campaigns. Keep in mind that iPledg is not a money tree – you need to work it by engaging your networks, and by compelling them to get the word out to their networks and so on. If you feel that you can sit back and just let it happen, then maybe iPledg is not for you.

We do not provide funding, we simply provide a platform for the promotion of your project, which enables you to receive pledges of support. Based on our research the keys to successful crowd funding are:

(a) A well defined project;
(b) A compelling story;
(c) A realistic budget and timeframe;
(d) A database of possible followers;
(e) Cool rewards that people will want; and
(f) Shameless, unrelenting promotion before and during the funding period

We hope you get really excited by iPledg and enjoy using it as much as we enjoy providing the platform to help you fund your passion.

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