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Teaching Children How to Read

As Lida Williams said, almost 100 years ago:

archivePhonics is not a approach of teaching reading, but it is a necessary a part of each good, modern day approach. It’s the important to word mastery, and word mastery is amongst the initial essentials in learning to read. A information of the sounds of letters, and of the effect from the position from the letter upon its sound, is definitely an essential indicates of mastering the mechanics of reading, and of enabling youngsters to grow to be independent readers.

100 years later, this nevertheless holds accurate. Unfortunately, since the later half in the 20th century, there has been an excellent debate on what method of teaching is greatest to teach children how to read: whether phonics or the whole language technique is better. The whole language method became the preferred approach in the education program – unfortunately. The entire language studying to read technique is more of a “word memorization” plan, exactly where a young child is supposed to memorize the “shape” of the word, and say it.

Given that then, a huge number of studies, have confirmed phonics and phonemic awareness to be superior in teaching children to read and create, and although several nevertheless prefer to debate this for what ever reasons, I believe this debate was settled when the National Reading Panel stated that teaching phonics and phonemic awareness produces far better reading results than whole language programs after their study which reviewed and identified 1,962 studies on this subject.

It’s important to distinguish the difference between phonological awareness and phonemic awareness. Phonological awareness is quite broad, and includes phonemic awareness as a sub category. Phonemic awareness is extremely narrow, and it really is only focused on the phonemes, which are the person sounds of letters. There are no shortage of studies which have repeatedly discovered, and concluded that teaching phonemic awareness to young kids produces exceptional reading and spelling abilities. You are able to read more about study on phonemic awareness right here.

The whole language technique simply expects a child to “read” when presented reading material, and by memorizing sight words. The phonics technique is really a bottom up method exactly where you teach youngsters to read within a logical and sequential order. You very first children-learning-reading teach children the alphabet letters and the sounds they represent; then you teach youngsters to combine (or blend) various letter sounds with each other to kind words; which is then followed by reading sentences and simple stories. This is a logical progression for children understanding to read, where they create accuracy in decoding words and pronouncing words. This method of teaching also helps the child to spell correctly.

There is no doubt that phonics and phonemic awareness instruction will be the superior technique to teach children how to read. We have effectively used phonemic awareness guidelines to teach our children at age 2 to read words, sentences, paragraphs, and easy story books.

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