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They’re Marshalling Behind The Blocks, Ready For The Great Crowd Funding Race

They’re marshalling behind the starting blocks, awaiting the sound of the gun that indicates the start of this long distance race. Amongst the field there are the contenders and there are the pretenders, those that will succeed and those that will quickly be left behind by the pace and experience of the pack.

No, we are not referring to the Olympics, but the positioning prior to the race that begins on January 1, 2013, to become one of the challengers in the race that will be Investment Crowd Funding in the hub of the crowd funding world, the USA.

To win gold, competitors must be au fait with the rules of competition. They need to develop skills. They need their supporters, and need to be recognisable on the track. This is the jockeying that is currently going on “pre-race”.

The rule makers are now engrossed in writing the rules of the game. What is “in” and what is “out”. What can competitors do, and what does the field or track really look like. They are anticipating and defining where are the ruts and dips in the track, what parts will be uphill struggles, and how do we protect players from themselves, and from other competitors. Most importantly, how do we protect the crowd and supporters?

How do we attract players of all levels and abilities, and how do we structure a competition made up of different divisions suited to differing levels of player ability and levels to which they are prepared to commit?

As with the success of any sport, the initial event has to generate interest (and that is already gaining momentum). But the game play must be fair, inviting, intriguing, and not just great for those who observe, but be such that people want to become involved in one way or another

It will not be until the officials have set the track, worked out the rules of the game, and understood how all players and supporters will be protected, that the competitors will actually be able to start the race. Any attempt to jump the gun will be met with disqualification from competing, or worse. All competitors keep must remain behind the starting line and continue to hone their skills and build their supporter base, ready for the official’s gun to start the great race on Jan 1, 2013.

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